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Tanmay Talele, Pallavi Maity, Hemangi Malgaonkar, Manthan Kansara, Shyam Gupta and Nishant Pimpale were selected and competed in the Grand Finale of the Smart India HACKATHON 2018 in Udaipur, Rajasthan at the Techno India Institute of Technology. They were one of the 41 teams across India who worked on the problem statement of ministry of Indian Railway.


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Sheetal Rasal, Priyanka Shinde and Shriya Narvekar Participated In Inter-College Girls Over-Arm Cricket Competition Held At ICT College (Matunga) On 24th Feb., 2018 And 25th Feb., 2018.

They Were Awarded With Silver Medals And Certificates For Securing Runner-Up Position In The Event Girls Over-Arm Cricket Held During SPOSTSAGA 2018 At Institute Of Chemical Technology.


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Shreyas S. Wankhede, Ranjit S. Patil and Sagar R. Sonawane, won the 3rd Place in the National level Technical Project Competition, 2018 organized by IEEE CRCE held at Fr. Conceicao Rodrigues College of Engineering on 16th March, 2018 for their Project Presentation titled ‘Data Preprocessing for Efficient Sentimental Analysis.


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Following papers were published in the proceedings of IEEE INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON INNOVATIONS IN INFORMATION, EMBEDDED AND COMMUNICATION SYSTEMS, Coimbatore, 17th March 2017.

-Sandesh G.,Aakash I.,Tanmay N., “Review Preprocessing using data cleaning and strmming techniques”.

– Bibuti K.,Urvi S.,Vinit K., “Interactive Voice Response System for Office Automation”.

– Summit M.,Tejasvi B.,Nitin D., “Advance Steganography Using dynamic Octa Pixel Value Differencing”.

– Vaibhav P.,Sayli T.,Dattaram N.,“ Image Steganography Using Uniform Split and Merge Technique”.

– Ninad P.,Rajesh P., “Dynamic Formation of Source Code in Editor”.

– Aishwarya B.,Himanshu W.,Vashali B., “Steganography Using Pixel Pattern Matching and Key Segmentation”.

– Tanmay R.,Vinayak P.,Durgesh T., “Student Data Analytics for Performance Upgradation”.

– Sayli M.,Shruti P.,Samruddhi W., “Prediction of Non Frequently Bought items for E-Shopping”.

– Shrividya I.,Ritu M., “Sementic E-mail Addressing Using Digital Signature”.

– Pratiksha G.,Sudhir K.,Manali B., “Prediction Model for Weather Forecasting Based on Data Mining”.

– Tejal P.,Sunil D.,Prashant C., “Three Level Security Implementation Using Graphical Authentication”.

– Bhoomika C.,Kanad P.,Chetan G., “Providing Storage as a Service on Cloud”.

– Pravina V.,Bhavin B.,Pratik A., “Data duplication avoidance in Larger Database”.

– Shweta B.,Priya P.,Siddhesha T., “Online Product Review Summerization”.

– Harshal S.,Supriya W.,Himanshu R., “Multiple remote Files Retrieving Through SMS”.

– Deeraj S.,Kishor R.,Sohail S., “Diabetes Disease Prediction Using Data Mining”.


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Tasmay Raikar, Vinayak Prabhu and Durgesh Tiwari won the Best Paper Award in the International Conference on Emanations in Modern Technology & Engineering 2017 held at Shree L. R. Tiwari  College of Engineering on 4th and 5th March, 2017 for their research paper titled ‘Students Data Analytics Using Decision Tree Algorithm‘.



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Aishwarya Sarkale, Amol Gawade and Shriya Narvekar won a consolation prize in Folk Dance (group) event held on 2nd Sept, 2016 at Vidyapeeth Vidyarthi Bhavan under the aegis of 49th Youth Festival of University of Mumbai .

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Shailendra Nipane, Harshal Pandit and Suraj Jadhav won 3rd Prize at ‘National Level Project Competition‘ held in April ,2016 at Vidyavardhini’s College of Engineering and Technology for their project ‘Secured E-Documents & Sharing using Encrypted QR-Code’.

They also won Consolation Prize at ‘2nd National Level Project Competition, 2016′ held at Universal College of Engineering for their projectSecured E-Documents & Sharing using Encrypted QR-Code.



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Following papers were published in the proceedings of IEEE International Conference on Engineering and Technology (ICETECH), Coimbatore, 17th March 2016.

– Rushab Soni, Sunny Goregaonkar, Deepali Deshmukh, “Smart Diet Food Suggester”

– Palak Shah, Sonal Puradkar, Shreyas Gadikar, “Walkie- Talkie using Wi-Fi Direct”

– Mukta Patkar, Pooja Pawar, Mony Singh, ”A New way of Semi Supervised Learning Based on Data Mining for Product Reviews”

– Manish Jha, Nayana Jambhale, Vinaya Manjreka, “Effective Semantic Web Crawling through URL Ordering using Enhanced Shark Search Algorithm”

– Divesh Dhedhi, Vrajesh Akabari, Vishal Rabadiya, “VIVA TECH Android App”

– Prajwal Shetty, Parth Shah, S. Dahiwalikar, Heran Parmar , “Hindi To Hindi: Automated System For Hindi Query Evaluation”

– Rajat Saboo, Inderjit Sav, Karishma Sinha, “Home Automation System using Zigbee and Bit-Voicer”

– Purva Mestry, Shruti Joshi, Sonal Mehta, “A New Approach to Target Dependent Sentiment Analysis with Onto-Fuzzy Logic”

– Neha Patil, S. Patil, “Astute License Patrolling using Near Field Communication Technology”

– Lochan Mhatre, Renuka Kute, Rupesh Madav , “Advance Automatic Form Filling Based on Image Processing”

– Siddhesh Bhat, Aishwarya Wadnerkar, Mayur Waghchaude, “Enhanced Steganography using Pixel Pattern Matching”

– Mayur Joshi, Anirudha Joshi, Prathamesh Kudnekar, ”Advance Question Paper Generation System”

– Rohit Mhatre, Sayali Jadhav, Ankita Dhodade, “Intelligent company sales prediction”


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Harshit Damani, Akshay Abhyankar and Ashwini Bhoir secured the 1st Prize in NCRENB- 15 Project Showcase held at VIVA Institute of Technology.

Also they secured 3rd Prize in National Level Project Competition held at Vidyalakar Institute of Technology.


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Shailendra Nipane, Harshal Pandit, Suraj Jadhav and Hiren Parmar won the Consolation Prize in ‘1st National Level Project Competition, 2015′ held at Universal College of Engineering.


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Akshay Abhyankar and Harshit Damani were recognized by MICROSOFT for successfully Developing and Uploading WINDOWS APPLICATION.



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Writwik Bhattacharya and Akshat Mokashi secured 1st Prize in NCRENB- 14 Project Showcase held at VIVA Institute of Technology.

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Prof. Tatwadarshi P. Nagarhalli and Prof. Ashwini Save have successfully applied for Patent for a security system called as ‘A SYSTEM FOR HINDI TEXT STEGANOGRAPHY USING ENHANCED VEDIC NUMERIC CODE ‘.

  •  Heartiest Congratulations

Prof. Tatwadarshi P. Nagarhalli, secured the ‘Best Paper Award’ in the 2nd IEEE International Conference on Engineering and Technology (ICETECH), Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. The IEEE International conference was held on 17th & 18th March 2016.