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        We, Department of Electronics and Telecommunication are glad to release our first Annual technical magazine ‘VIVA CONVERGE: Uniting innovative Ideas and Technologies’. Viva-Converge is an annual technical magazine published by the Department of Electronics and Telecommunication of VIVA Institute of Technology. Our magazine was formally inargurated on 3rd march 2017, in presense of Dr.Karmakar IIT Bombay, Management of Viva Trust, Principal Dr.Arun Kumar, collage faculties & students during national conference, NCRENB-2017. This magazine is meant to provide platform to faculties and students to express their creativity and develop originality of thoughts. The word converge means to unite or meet.Viva-Converge also aimed at uniting different innovative ideas and expression altogether, as the field of Electronics and Telecommunication corresponds to the connection communication.
        The magazine not only speaks of new technology but also highlights way of being a better person on professional and personal front. Viva-Converge includes articles written by faculties and students, which discuss the upcoming technologies, in the field of robotics, wireless communication, signal processing and cognitive radio. Apart from technical articles, the magazine includes topic related to spirituality, personal growth, mental and physical growth and Inspiration. We have also highlighted student’s talent in technical field and extra curricular activities like photography, writing, poetry and painting. Last but most important, we are also glad to include our efforts towards industry interaction through Faculty Development Program and industrial visits of students and staff. We would like to thank our Principal, Dr. Arun kumar and our Head of the Department, Prof. Archana Ingle for their support and guidance in publishing this Magazine. We are also thankful to management of VIVA Trust for providing such platform.
        We would request everyone to go through this magazine. Your feedback and suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you.



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Electronics and Telecommunication is a diverse field of engineering connecting to electronics, civil, structural, and electrical engineering. This branch has wide scope in the Public sector, Private sector as well as in Government sector which makes telecom engineers responsible for providing the method for customers to have telephone and high-speed data services. It is a versatile branch, meaning that the students holding the degree in the Electronics and Telecommunication can build up their carrier in any field such as Computer Engineering, Information Technology and Telecommunication etc. Our motto is to build up students who will be equally competent in all these fields. Keeping this in mind, our laboratories are well-equipped with advanced computer, (to implement concept of virtual lab) to give the students full exposure to computer, Internet Technology, and the advancements in this field. The Department is running IETE student forum (ISF), which is right forum for the students to give exposure to their facets and help them for their overall personality and Technical development.


To emerge as a “Centre for Excellence” offering Technical Education by developing the total personality of the individual, imparting high level of discipline, making professionally competent and ethically strong, who in turn shall contribute to the advancement of society in particular and the nation at large.


1. To achieve academic excellence by creating the right academic ambience, that will enable students to pursue higher studies and career in research.
2. To provide an effective teaching-learning environment designed to develop internationally competent professionals with a sense of responsibility and social sensitivity
3. To promote Industry- Institution Interaction .

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