Volume 1 Issue 5

11 Hydrophobic Coating Using Natural Preservatives
22 Modelling, Simulation & Control Design Of Omnibot Using Drive & Reaction Wheel Principle
33 Case Study Of Solar Generation Using Helioscope
44 Wireless Sensor
55 Agro Land Mapping Vertical Of Geospatial Data Center
66 A Review Paper On Challenges And Opportunities In Battery Technologies
78 Agricultural Fire Protection System
89 Low Cost Ventilator With Bgm & Oximeter
910 Synchronous Machine Design Software
1011 Remotely Operated Vehicle For Underwater Inspection
1112 Traffic Light Controller Techniques
1213 Smart Glove For Deaf And Dumb Patients
1314 Iot Based Air Quality Monitoring System
1415 Experimental Research On I Vote: Cloud Based Voting System
1516 Dynamic Wireless Charging Of Ev.
1617 Performance Analysis Of Two Wheeler Bike Fins Using Ansys
1718 Vortex Bladeless Wind Turbine
1819 Diffrential Protection Of Transformer Using Arduino
1920 Dynamic Load Management System In Smart Home
2021 Matlab Coding For Path Tracing Of Coilgun
2122 Design Of Hvac System For Multi-Specialty Hospital
2223 Sustainable E-Ploughing In Agriculture
2324 Soil Ph For Agriculture Land
2425 Trashbot: A Beach Cleaning Robot
2526 Design And Fabrication Of Plastic Brick Making Machine
2627 Cloud Computing And Application Of Software Services
2728 Implementation Of Online Learning In India Due To Covid 19: A Comprehensive Study
2829 Portable Accommodation For Beach Cleaning Robot With Solar Charging
2930 Autonomous Robot For Sanitization
3031 Tenant Intimation And Information System
3132 A Review Of Handwritten Text Recognition Using Machine Learning And Deep Learning Techniques
3233 Recovery Of Waste Heat Energy & It'S Utilisation In Utility Plant
3335 A Review On The Protocol Systems For Security Enhancement Of Administrative Devices
3436 Remote Control Hovercraft
3537 Speed Control Of Dc Motor By Various Methods
3638 Solar Powered Mobile Operated Smart Multifunction Agriculture Robot
3739 Design And Comparison Of Controllers For Speed Control Of Bldc Motor
3840 Traffic Data Vertical Of Geospatial Data Centre
3941 Ground Water Recharging By Recharge Pits
4042 Design And Fabrication Of Automated Scavenger Sewage Machine
4143 Weather Data Vertical Of Geospatial Data Center
4244 Study Of Latest Trends In Big Data Management Of Smart Grids
4345 Perspective To Green Manufacturing And Applications
4446 Modelling And Simulation Of Dynamic Voltage Restorer Connected To Wind Power Distribution
4547 Implementation Of Poka-Yoke On Effective System
4648 Automatic Paper Punching And Cutting Machine Using Geneva Mechanism
4751 A Review Paper On Implementation Of Total Quality Management
4852 Deriving A Distributed Cloud Proxy Architecture For Managed Cloud Computing Service
4953 Application Based Solar Calculator With Cost Estimation
5054 Indoor Vertical Hydroponic Farming Unit
5155 Review On Applications Of Smart Materials
5257 A Literature Review On Application Of Lean Manufacturing Techniques
5358 Automatic Road Cleaner
5459 The Inevitable Role Of Artificial Intelligence Emerging In Mechanical Engineering
5560 Design And Manufacturing Of Semi Trailing Arm Suspension System For E-Baja Vehicle
5662 Experimental Analysis Of Effect Of Process Parameter On Surface Roughness In Edm
5763 Bioinspired Intelligent Algorithm And Its Applications For Mobile Robot Control
5864 Application Of Big Data Analytics In Manufacturing Sector - A Review
5965 A New Perspective On Cloud Computing
6066 A Review On Quality Management Using 7 Qc Tools
6167 Cloud Computing As An Evaluation Of Distributed Computing
6269 Background Checker Using Face Recognition
6370 Special Child Care App
6471 A Review Of Machine Learning Algorithms For Cryptocurrency Price Prediction
6573 Pet Paradise – A Vet Care Application
6674 Smart Interviews Using Ai
6775 Voice Controlled Robot Car Using Arduino With Variable Speed
6876 Magic Hands For Deaf & Dumb People
6977 Angle Heuristics Approach To Determine Angle Of Poses Based On Artificial Intelligence
7078 Inventory Management For Small Business And It'S Future Scope
7179 Intelligent Eye - App For Visually Impaired People
7280 Automatic - Vehicle Validation System
7381 Perception Of Indian Consumers Towards An Electric Vehicle For Private Transportation
7482 Design And Manufacturing Of Flexible Hopper Feeder For Molding Machines
7585 Fr-Pay :- A Secure Approach For Payment
7686 Online Medicine Donation System
7787 Fly Ash Concrete : A Technical Analysis For Compressive Strength
7888 Rf Energy Harvesting
7989 Resume Ranking
8090 Fabrication Of Manual Transmission E-Bike
8193 Design And Fabrication Of Ploughing, Sowing And Harvesting Machine For Agricultural Purposes
8294 Morse Code-Based Communication System Focused On Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Patients
8395 A Review On The Perception And Recognition Systems For Interpreting Sign Languages Used By Deaf And Mute
8497 Design And Fabrication Of Organic Waste Composter.A Concept
8598 Attendance System Using Face Recognition
86101 Contactless Eddy Braking System
87103 A Novel Evolutionary Algorithm For Identifying Multiple Structure Detects By Artificial Intelligent Model Updating
88105 Design Of Heating Ventilation And Airconditioning System For Health Care Facility
89106 Terafile Water Filter
90107 Mini Belt Grinder
91109 Design And Fabrication Of Cash Sanitizing Machine
92110 Design And Simulation Of Rc Cargo Airplane
93111 Distributed File System
94112 Quantum Teleportation In Security
95115 Retrofitting Using Frp Laminate
96117 The Agro Waste Crusher
97118 Speech Recognition Using Python
98120 Estimation, Scheduling And Modeling Of G+14
99121 Internal Curing Of Concrete Using Light Weight Expanded Clay Aggregates
100122 Real-Time Sign Language Interpreter Using Deep Learning
101124 Smartphone Operated Multifunctional Farming Vehicle
102126 New Era Of Virtual Dressing Based On Deep Learning
103127 Automatic Water Overflow Cut-Off Circuit
104129 Design And Fabrication Of Solar Operated Winnowing Machine For Grain Cleaning
105131 Geopolymer Bricks
106132 Rode-Safe A Gis-Based Road Monitoring System
107134 Fabrication Of Pedal Operated Water Pump For Agricultural Purpose
108135 Blockchain Based Real-Estate Management System
109138 Tour Recommendation System
110139 Wildfire Prediction Technique Using Machine Learning
111140 Human Benchmark
112141 Decentralised Social Media
113146 Analysis Of Geotextile In Road Embankment Using Plaxis 2D
114149 Formation Of Bioenergy By Food Waste
115150 Empowering Applications With Easy To Integrate Blockchain
116151 Impact And Effect Of Covid 19 On Various Aspects Of Human Life
117155 Planning And Scheduling Of Underground Metro Station Box Using Msp Software
118156 A Distinctive Multilingual Messaging Application With Ocr
119157 Analysis & Design Of Row House Using Ancient Techniques
120158 Analysis And Design Of Pile Jetty
121159 Virtual Mouse Using Artificial Intelligence
122160 Progressive Web Applications (Pwa’S): Detailed Comparison With Existing Mobile Application Development Architectures
123161 Smart Shopping System
124162 Rapid Conversion Of Kitchen Waste Into Nutritional Composting With Use Of Effective Micro-Organisms
125163 Digital Image Processing
126164 Sixth Sense Technology
127165 Handling Uncertainty In The Big Data Processing
128166 Blockchain And Decentralization
129167 Medborg: A Medical Service & Disinfection Robot
130168 Self-Driving Vehicles: History & Future
131169 5G Technology
132170 Internet Of Things And Its Effect On Business Analytics
133171 Design And Fabrication Of Multipurpose Mini Fork Lift
134174 Development On Business Intelligence
135175 Automated Ration Shop
136177 Radioactive Waste Management
137178 Ai-Powered Digital Payments
138180 Dry Hand Sanitizer Dispensing Machine
139181 Design Of Drainage System For Andheri Subway
140182 Reuse Of Plastic Waste In Paver Blocks
141183 Human Computer Interaction
142184 Traffic Light Priority Control For Emergency Vehicles
143185 Neuralink Technology
144186 Ai In Mental Health
145187 Power Of Artificial Intelligence In Iot
146188 Strategies And Techniques Of Automated Software Testing
147189 Ai/Ml Augmented Hyper-Automation
148190 Artifical Intelligence In Robotics
149191 Wearable Device In Medical Iot
150192 Future Of Iot
151193 Data Science
152194 Passive Solar Heating
153195 Quality Management
154196 Face Recognition Technology
155197 Smart Glasses
156198 Banking Security And Atms
157199 Artificial Intelligence In Information System
158200 Web Technology-Web Development
159201 Bioinformatics And Data Science
160203 A Study On Interplanetary File System Based On Blockchain
161204 Review On Dispute Resolution Management
162206 Models In Cloud Computing
163207 Augmented Reality In The Field Of Travel & Tourism During Covid-19 Pandemic
164209 Automated Irrigation System
165210 Mini Flour Mill And Dough Maker
166211 Credit Card Fraud Detection
167212 A Review On Use Of Btrfs (B-Tree Filesystem) In Linux Operating Systems
168215 Text Summarization
169216 Design & Analysis Of Self-Cooling Building
170217 5G Technology In India
171218 Cloud Computing
172219 Role Of Iot Technology In Agriculture
173220 Pick Up Us- Pick & Drop Services For Passengers App
174222 Augmented And Virtual Reality Technologies With Adaptive Learning Systems
175223 Need For Cyber Security And Cyber Law Awareness
176224 Cloud Computing -Aws
177225 Android Mobile Operating System And Architecture
178226 A Review On Data Mining From Past To The Future
179227 Identification Of Groundwater Recharge Potential Zones Using Rs, Gis & Ahp Technique
180229 Role Of Human-Computer Interaction
181230 Sponge City In Vasai Virar : Opportunities And Challenges
182231 Analsing The Railway Sleepers Using Waste Material
183232 Sentiment Analysis Of Stock News Using Nltk
184233 Slope Stability By Using Rice Husk Ash
185234 Environmental Clearance For High Rise Building
186235 Utilization Of Fibre As Composite Material In Cement Motar Tiles
187236 Self-Illuminating Road
188237 Comparative Study Of Solid Waste Management In Bangalore & Gujarat
189238 Modelling And Analysis Of Cable Stayed Bridge Using Sap 2000 Software
190239 Landfill Management At Gokhivare Dumping Ground
191240 Plastic Road
192241 Transit Oriented Development
193242 Coir Fibre Used In Reinforced Concrete
194243 Brick Made From Discarded Ppe Kit And Mask
195244 Flood Control Underground Tanks
196245 Engineered Cementitious Composite
197246 A Review On Biological Activity Of Ferrocene Functionalized Derivatives
198247 Bit Sream-The Rescue Messenger