GIS aided Urban Planning for preparation of Micro-Level Plan of Channenahalli Village, Bengaluru

EOI: 10.11242/viva-tech.01.03.06

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Gireeja M. Sarangdhar, Shishir Dadhich, "GIS aided Urban Planning for preparation of Micro-Level Plan of Channenahalli Village, Bengaluru", VIVA-IJRI Volume 1, Issue 3, Article 6, pp. 1-6, 2020. Published by Computer Engineering Department, VIVA Institute of Technology, Virar, India.


We all know the fact that the surface of earth is spherical and not a plane, and thus in the field of Town Planning we observe errors in an actual plan or map of a region when it comes to its implementation. For smaller areas such as a plot or a small township where the land can be considered to be flat the level of errors observed is less or the accuracy rate is high compared with the larger areas such as a development plan or structural plan or regional plan or even Town Planning Schemes. Remote Sensing & GIS were initially recognized as supporting tools for planning, monitoring, and managing the appropriate utilization of the earth resources. However, due to their multidisciplinary applications and integration with numerous other scientific and technological fields, in the recent years they have become a distinct field of study.
In this paper we are going to learn about how GIS and remote sensing helps in the preparation of a map with respect to actual ground co- ordinates and various uses of the same in the field of Urban Planning with an actual work done on field under the guidance of experts in Directorate of Urban Land Transport, Urban Development Department, Government of Karnataka..


RArcGIS, Geographic Information System, Geo-referencing, Microlevel Plan, Remote Sensing.


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