What is Peer Review

Papers received for consideration is sent to the reviewer by the editorial board depending upon the specialisation of the paper. The first step in the reviewing process is the plagiarism evaluation.

If the paper is found to be plagiarised then it will be immediately rejected without further review. So, it is advised that the authors makes sure that their work is original and not plagiarised.

The paper sent to the reviewer or reviewers as deemed by the editorial board do not contain the names of the contributors. That is VIVA-Tech IJRI follows one blind review process. If the paper is sent to the multiple reviewers then 50% of the reviewers have to endorse the paper for it to be accepted for publication.

Reviewers are asked to evaluate the manuscripts originality, the way in which it has been presented and contribution to the literature. Also, proper presentation of results and support for the conclusions and future work as well as appropriate citation of relevant studies are checked. Reviewers might accept the manuscript, reject the manuscript or might ask for revision.

The final decision for each submission will be made once the review report is received by the Editor-in-Chief in consultation with the editorial board. The decision taken by the editorial board would stand final.

The revisions required by the reviewer should be completed and sent within a period of one week from the date of review. The email subject should be ‘Research Paper for Consideration (Revised): ’.

Reviewer evaluates the article and the status given to the Editorial Board

  1. Paper accepted without any modifications.
  2. Paper accepted with modifications (List of Modifications desired).
  3. Article may be rejected (Reasons for Rejection).