Paper writing guidelines

  • The title of the paper should be innovative and non-repetitive.
  • The paper should contain abstract (not more than 100 words), minimum 5-6 keywords.
  • Proper introduction should be provided in the paper. Detailed review of literature should be given before any new proposed methodology is explained. And proper and encompassing conclusion is expected.

Publication Process

  • Step 1: Author should email the paper for consideration. The email subject should be ‘Research Paper for Consideration: ’. Email should be sent to
  • Step 2: Based on the specialization the paper will be sent to the reviewer or reviewers by the editorial board according to specialisation of the paper.
  • Step 3: Reviewer or reviewers will send their view (Accepted/Accepted with Modification/Rejected) to the editorial board.
  • Step 4: Editorial board will notify to the author.
  • Step 5: Author should modify the paper (if any modification is required) and resubmit the final word version of paper along with scanned copy of the filled copy right form by email to the editor.
  • Step 6: Editor-in-Chief will publish the accepted papers.

Publication Fees

The authors are informed that VIVA-Tech IJRI does not charge money for the publications of selected research papers.

Also, the papers published by the journal is available in the PDF format free of cost over the internet.

The whole service of VIVA-Tech IJRI is Free of Cost.