Public Private Partnership in Civil Engineering

EOI: 10.11242/viva-tech.01.04.145

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Mr. Jimit Vijay Chotai, Ms. Meena Bhagat, "Public Private Partnership in Civil Engineering", VIVA-IJRI Volume 1, Issue 4, Article 145, pp. 1-6, 2021. Published by Computer Engineering Department, VIVA Institute of Technology, Virar, India.


This report majorly focuses on the principles of Public Private Partnership (PPP), its different forms and their suitability as a possible procurement route to be used for the development of road sector in a developing country like India. The report also critically analyse the viability of Private Finance Initiative (PFI) and basic procurement routes for road projects. The report recommends the most suitable types of PPP for the new and maintenance project.


Public Private Partnership, Procurement, Private Finance initiative


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