EOI: 10.11242/viva-tech.01.04.021

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Salvi Shubham, Sawant Vishal, Teli Jayendra, Veer Adarsh, "DESIGN AND FABRICATION OF COW DUNG POT MAKING MACHINE", VIVA-IJRI Volume 1, Issue 4, Article 21, pp. 1-5, 2021. Published by Computer Engineering Department, VIVA Institute of Technology, Virar, India.


The purpose of this study is to make an environment healthy, pollution free and depreciate animal atrocity for this we have to make an alternative thing such as it will be non-hazardous to environment so by being this some amount of nature will be pure. Using a cross-sectional analysis, this study analyzed that Dung is an available by product of livestock, farmer’s use them as a various way such as fuel, flooring, plastering of house and it has environmental value. Cows dung is used as a source of bio-fertilizer as it is very effective’s alternative to chemical fertilizers. Cow dung manure and vermicompost increase soil organic matter content, and this leads to amend water infiltration and water storage capacity as well as raised cation interchange capacity. Application of cow dung in proper and sustainable way which enhance productivity in long term and microbial population but also minimizes bacterial and fungal pathogenic diseases. This study definitively answers the question regarding environmental effects by designing a machine to address these characteristics. Our creativity idea and technical knowledge can afford low cost solution towards improvising livelihood options and their economic condition to enhance environmental value of dung in farmer’s life.


Atrocity, Depreciate, Livestock, Microbial, Pathogenic.


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