Understanding the Impact and Challenges of Corona Crisis on Education Sector in India

EOI: 10.11242/viva-tech.01.04.001

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Dr. Trupti Vikas Patil , Dr. Prashant Ramrao Pawar , "Understanding the Impact and Challenges of Corona Crisis on Education Sector in India", VIVA-IJRI Volume 1, Issue 4, Article 218, pp. 1-4, 2021. Published by Computer Engineering Department, VIVA Institute of Technology, Virar, India.


In the second week of March 2020, governments of all states in a country suddenly declared shutting down of all colleges and schools for a temporary period of time as an immediate measure to stop the spread of pandemic that is of novel corona virus. As the days pass by almost close to a month with no certainty when they will again reopen. Due to pandemic like this an alarm bells have started sounding in the field of education where a huge impact can be seen on teaching and learning process as well as on the entire education sector in turn. The pandemic disruption like this is actually gave time to educators of today to really think about the sector. Through the present research article, the author is highlighting on the possible impact of coronavirus on education sector with the future challenges for education sector with possible suggestions.


Education, Impact, Learning, Pandemic, Teaching.


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