Design and Implementing of Roof Ventilator in Small Scale Industry for Future Prospective

EOI: 10.11242/viva-tech.01.04.001

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Ms. Bhushan Save, "Design and Implementing of Roof Ventilator in Small Scale Industry for Future Prospective", VIVA-IJRI Volume 1, Issue 4, Article 89, pp. 1-4, 2021. Published by Computer Engineering Department, VIVA Institute of Technology, Virar, India.


In order to improve the quality of life for people, smart cities are a modern urban concept. Various smart technologies are grouped together in order to increase the comfort of human life. This paper highlights the various technologies that are merged together for building a smart city in a developing country like India. Another major aspect of the paper focuses on the kind of technological combinations and their effects used to plan and build a smart city. Finally, the paper concludes by providing an overview of the present status and various challenges faced during the development of smart cities in the Indian scenarios.


Indian Infrastructure, Indian Smart City, Smart City, Smart City Mission, Smart City Features.


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