VIVA Institute of Technology Examination Cell

The Examination Cell believes in perfect day to day work. All the results are checked with very high accuracy and published within the stipulated time as per University of Mumbai.
Examination Cell conducts all the examinations (Theory) at undergraduate and postgraduate level as per the guidelines of the University of Mumbai. All the documents related to examinations are updated and maintained by this cell. Verification of marksheets / certificates as needed by employers is done by the examination cell.
Assessment of internal theory examination and term work are done by the concerned internal examiners as per the rules stipulated by the University of Mumbai. Oral and Practical examinations are done jointly by internal and well as the external examiners. Average of marks obtained in internal tests is calculated and considered for final result.
The Examination cell is divided into three major sections
• Examination store room
• CAP room
• Examination office

Continuous Evaluation

  • Term Work is the continuous evaluation during the semester by the concerned subject teacher. Normally 4-5 subjects have term work in each semester. Term-Work has 25 marks for each subject and 50 marks for workshop.

  • Term work marks are awarded as per University guidelines which are given in syllabus copy. Normally, it includes: 05 marks for attendance, 10 marks for laboratory performance / journal and 10 marks for journal assessment.

  • During the semester, two Term-Tests are conducted and the average of the two is the internal theory marks as per the subject scheme. These tests are conducted as per academic calendar.

  • Term test - I is based on 1st half of syllabus and the test is conducted in middle of the semester. Term test - II is based on the second half of the syllabus and is usually conducted during the last week of term.

Semester End Examination

At the end of the semester, students are evaluated for theory and practical as per University of Mumbai examination scheme.

Examination Committee



Dr. Arun Kumar Principal
Prof. Manju Mishra In-Charge Controller of Exam
Prof. Sunita Naik In-Charge Controller of Exam

Examination Cell Team



Mr. Santosh Raut Assistant Exam Cell In-Charge
Mr. Sameer Patil Clerk
Mr. Pravin Bhoir Peon

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