Conference Report NCRENB-2021

Conference Dates: 5th & 6th March 2021

Mode of Conference: Online

The role of an engineer is far reaching and beyond the vistas of human thinking and imagination. The emerging technologies of communications and computing have brought about a revolution in everyday life during the 21th century. The familiar mobile phones, CD players and fax machines are being joined by digital broadcast radio and televisions which offer more channels and much clearer sound and pictures. The application of Science and Technology (S&T) is the main agent of industrial economic and social development. Universities, Public and research institutes, industry and government have to become more closely involved and aware of the importance of co-operation with S&T to promote sustainable economic, social and industrial development.


The main objective of the National Conference is to advance knowledge in building sciences in general and in aspects of building and construction in particular; to solve long-range problems of the building sector through methodological research and development; to provide support in solving short-term needs in areas where its expertise is crucial; and to disseminate knowledge and transfer technology.

Topics of Interest in NCRENB 2021 are as follows:

  • Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Humanities & Applied Science

NCRENB 2021 was organized in co-operation with following International Body: VIVA-Tech IJRI

Conference Statistics:

Track wise Paper Statistics: Selection

Sr. No. Track Name Track Papers Internal Review CRC
1 Electronics & TelecommunicationEngineering EXTC 20 20 19
2 Electrical Engineering ELECT 35 35 31
3 Computer Engineering COMP 24 24 24
4 Civil Engineering CIVIL 52 52 40
5 Mechanical Engineering MECH 60 60 49
6 Humanities & Applied Science HUMA 8 8 7
7 Master of Computer Applications MCA 29 29 29
Total 228 228 199


Sr. No. Conference Registration Statistics: Track Total CRC Registered/Recovery Non Registered
1 EXTC 20 19 19 1
2 ELECT 35 31 31 4
3 COMP 24 24 24 0
4 CIVIL 52 40 40 12
5 MECH 60 49 49 11
6 HUMA 8 7 7 1
7 MCA 29 29 29 0
Total 228 199 199 29


S.No. Papers Counts
1 Total Paper Submissions 228
2 Accepted Full Papers for VIVA-TECH IJRI 199
3 Total Accepted Papers 199
4 Acceptance Rate 87%

Total 228 Papers were received out of which 199 Papers were accepted. The paper submission system was online managed by The papers were reviewed by a panel of internal as well as external reviewers. For each paper minimum two reviews were performed. Minimum One review by internal (VIVA TECH) reviewer and one review by external reviewers were performed. All external reviewers were highly qualified & experienced personnel with good expertise.NCRENB-2021 was held on google meet platform. All papers were finally approved by program convener Dr. Arun Kumar for uploading on VIVA-TECH IJRI.

Overall Response:

Expected delegates : 207 (Registered)

Total delegates : 207(Attended)

Percentage turn out : 100%

Total Resource persons : 12

Events organized:

Paper presentation – 199 papers



Rated very high with the following notes from the delegates:

  1. Good technical contents and research
  2. Though creativity was there, need to be
  3. Hospitality was
  4. Cooperative staff


Prepared By:

Prof. Archana Ingle

(NCRENB 2021, Co-Convener)

Prof. Karishma Raut

(NCRENB 2021,Coordinator)

Prof.  Ameya Purandare

(NCRENB 2021 , Organizing Committee)

Prof. Meena Perla

(NCRENB 2021 , Organizing Committee)


Approved By:

Dr. Arun Kumar

(NCRENB 2021-Convener)

(Principal – VIVA Institute of Technology, Mumbai, Maharashtra)

Date: 07/05/2021

Place: VIVA-TECH, Mumbai, Maharashtra.


Click on National Conference Proceeding: NCRENB – 2021 Proceeding