The National Service Scheme of the VIVA Institute of Technology was formed in October 2019.


  • Two students from NSS unit of VIVA Institute of Technology attended a one day university level workshop on Drug abuse prevention. The session was conducted in presence of Commissioner of Police and Assistant Commissioner of Police.


  • NSS Unit of VIVA-Tech organized a workshop on “Use of NewsPaper bags as an alternative to plastic bags” in our mission to eradicate the use of plastic bags on 5th Oct, 2019. The session was conducted by Prof. Pallavi Vartak and our principal Dr. Arun Kumar also participated in the workshop.

A total of 300 NewsPaper bags were made today and 30 portable easy to make dustbins were also prepared. This paper bags will be distributed to students of our Institute. The highlight of this paper bags are that it doesn’t require scissors or glue to prepare. The only raw material used is newspaper and origami.


  • NSS Unit of VIVA-Tech at Gateway of India on 2nd Oct, 2019