Volume 1 Issue 4

11 Readjusting The Current Trend In Electrical Power Engineering
22 Deepfake Detection Techniques: A Review
33 A Comparative Study Of Different Scanning Applications And Flutter Plugins For The Application Designing
45 Review Of Pose Recognition Systems
56 Criminal Identification For Low Resolution Surveillance
67 Wireless Power Theft Monitoring System
78 Use Of Ergonomics Risk Assessment Tools On Construction Site
89 Analysis Of Tool Used For Friction Stir Spot Welding By Explicit Meshing Scheme
910 Material Management – Using Barcode System
1011 Study Of Distributed Energy Resources
1112 Design And Analysis Of Air Conditioning System For An It Office Building
1213 Blind Stick Using Ultrasonic Sensor With Voice Announcement And Gps Tracking
1314 Induction Motor Protection Using Plc
1415 Design And Fabrication Of Multiangle Drilling Machine
1516 Analyze And Design Of Suspension Bridge Using Sap2000
1618 Design And Fabrication Of Exhaust Gas Analyzer
1719 Optimization Of Frp Moulding Process
1820 Process Improvement Of Grub Screw Manufacturing In A Small Scale Industry
1921 Design And Fabrication Of Cow Dung Pot Making Machine
2022 Larger Distances Objects Transporting (Ldot) Gun
2123 Design And Fabrication Of Blended Wing Body
2224 Design And Optimization Of Lily Impeller
2325 Design Of Therapeutic Pad For Medical Application
2426 Experimental Investigation Of Effect Of Tig And Mig Welding Parameters On Ti6Al4V
2527 Prosthetic Arm For Amputees
2628 Design And Fabrication Of Welding Fixtures And Positioners
2730 Design And Fabrication Of Natural Waterproofing Solution Making Machine
2831 Design Of Air Conditioning System
2932 Solid State Transformer
3033 Just In Time System: A Study And Review
3134 A Review On Recent Trends In Non Destructive Testing Applications
3235 Review Of Tribological Characteristics Of Modified Peek Composites
3336 Kaizen: A Lean Manufacturing Technique
3437 A Comparative Study Of Different File Sharing Applications And Wi-Fi Direct Technology For File Sharing
3538 Artificial Intelligence In Power Systems
3639 Partial Binomial Distribution Method For Generation Capacity Outage Using Spreadsheets
3740 Iot Based Automatic Colour Sorting Machine
3842 Effects Of The Implementation Of Grey Water Reuse Systems On Construction Cost And Project Schedule
3944 The Business Development Ethics
4045 Green Manufacturing Practices In Smes Of India-A Literature Review
4146 Micromachining Technologies For Future Products
4247 Design Of Incinerator Plant For Vasai-Virar Region
4349 Design And Analysis Of Progressive Tool In Sheet Metal Manufacturing
4452 Extracting Features From The Fundus Image Using Canny Edge Detection Method For Pre-Detection Of Diabetic Retinopathy
4553 Methods For Detection Of Common Adulterants In Food
4654 Survey Of Accident Detection Systems
4755 A Study On Tqm Development, Performance And Sustenance In Service Industries Through Effective Communication, Critical Success Factors And Market Orientation
4856 Speech Automated Examination For Visually Impaired Students
4957 Earthquake Resistant Construction Techniques
5058 Study Of Two Dimensional Nanosheet For Gas Sensing A Theoretical View
5159 Review Paper On Data Security Using Cryptography And Steganography
5260 Design & Development Of Vision Controlled Snake Robot
5361 Recent 3D Printing Technologies: A Comparative Review And Future Perspective
5462 Emerging Artificial Intelligence Methods In Structural Engineering
5563 Design And Fabrication Of Tinning Machine
5664 Structural And Morphological Studies Of Nano Composite Polymer Gel Electrolyte Having Sio2
5766 Design And Development Of Cnc Writing And Drawing Machine
5867 Influence Of Various Parameters Of Cryogenic Treatment On Performance Of Tungsten Carbide Tool A Review
5969 Highway Safety Using Roller Barrier
6070 Comparative Study On Advanced Farm Security System Using Internet Of Things And Image Processing
6172 Smart Waste Management
6273 Shortest Route Finding Ambulance System
6375 Heavy Duty Air Transport Vehicle
6476 Design And Fabrication Of Floating Solar Power Plant
6577 Face Detection And Fearure Extraction For Facial Emotion Detection
6678 Mechanical Engineers In Corporate World
6779 Providing Secure Cloud For College Campus
6880 Analysis And Design Of Sustainable Resort
6981 Auto Traffic Management System
7082 An Iot Enabled Smart Health Care Kit: Review
7183 Survey Of A Symptoms Monitoring System For Covid-19
7284 Sonic Wave Fire Fighter Robot Using Master Slave Concept
7385 Experimental Analysis And Optimization Of Process Parameters In Plasma Arc Cutting Machine Of En-45A Material Using Taguchi And Anova Method
7486 People Monitoring And Mask Detection Using Real-Time Video Analyzing
7587 Green Building Effect In Commercial Building
7688 Development Of Online Hospital Booking Portal For Patient Appointment
7789 A Review Of Smart Cities Evolution In India
7891 Design Of Aquaponics System Of Irrigation
7992 Furniture, Painting And Decor Designing Using Markerless Based AR
8093 Design & Analysis Of Water Distribution Network Model By Epanet A Case Study
8194 Self-Controlled Drone
8295 Water Cleaning Bin
8396 Electronic Circuit Assessment using Machine Learning (ML)
8497 Livestock Disease Prediction System
8598 Government Scheme Awareness Through App
86100 Comparative Analysis Of Thermal Insulating Material In Lithium Ion Batteries Used In EV's
87101 Design and Estimation of Rain Water Harvesting Scheme in VIVA Institute of Technology
88102 Augmentechture - 3D Projection Of Building Construction Floor Plan Using Marker Based Augmented Reality Technology
89103 Feasibility Study Of Samruddhi Expressway
90104 Nlp Based Interview Assessment System
91105 Crack Detection Of Wall Using Matlab
92106 Digital Case Paper
93107 A Study On Solving Assignment Problem
94108 Smart Portal: A Platform For Student'S Profile Creation , Evaluating And Clustering
95109 Design And Fabrication Of Single Cylinder Solenoid Engine
96111 A Hybrid Approach For Phishing Website Detection Using Machine Learning
97112 Enhancement Of Agricultural Stakeholders By Using Android Application
98114 Criterion Based Automatic Generation Of Question Paper
99115 A Sos Based Application For Travelers To Travel Alone
100116 Concept Convertible Wheelchair With Ventilator And Monitoring System
101117 Current Trends In Product Development During Covid-19
102118 Productivity Improvement By Using Value Stream Mapping In Stainless Steel Utensils Manufacturing Industry
103119 Solar And Wind Generator For Street Light Application With Solar Tracking
104120 Three Phase Motor Drive Using Space Vector Pulse Width Modulation Technique
105121 Energy Harvesting From Revolving Doors
106122 Monitoring And Controlling Of Bldc Motor Using Iot
107123 Optimization Of CNC Machining
108124 Power Quality Improvement In Transmission Line Using DPFC
109126 Assessment And Risk Reduction Measurement Of Liquefaction Of Soil
110127 Vehicle To Grid Technology
111128 Power Plant- Portable Micro Power Generation
112129 Software Based Calculation Of Capacity Outage Of Generating Units
113130 Design And Fabrication Of Solar Electric Vehicle
114131 Design And Fabrication Of Electric 4 - Wheeler
115132 Software Based Calculations Of Electrical Machine Design
116133 Iot Based Power Grid Monitoring & Control System
117134 Impact Of Electric Vehicle Integration On Grid
118135 Solar Powered Ozone Generator Prototype Using Corona Effect
119136 The Calculation Of Electric Motor And Lithium Battery Capacity Of Iired E-Bike
120137 Improving Power Factors By Using Landsman Converter In Pmbldc Motor
121138 Simulation Of Induction Motor For Reference Of Practical Engineering
122140 Droplet Based Electricity Generation
123141 Self-Balancing Two-Wheeler
124142 Data Driven Analysis Of Energy Management In Electric Vehicles
125144 Time Delay And Cost Escalation In Construction Works
126145 Public Private Partnership In Civil Engineering
127147 Optimization Of Laser Beam Welding On Titanium Material
128148 Biomass Co-Firing: A Transition To A Low Carbon Future
129149 Study On Repairing Of Potholes
130151 Partial Replacement Of Fine Aggregrate And Cement In Paver Blocks Using Waste Materials
131152 Cross Platform Development Using Flutter
132154 Construction Industry Before And After Pandemic
133156 Future Applications Of Smart Iot Devices
134157 Mobile Application For Donation Of Items
135158 Design Of Self Cleaning Road
136159 A Deep Learning Model For Crime Surveillance In Phone Calls
137160 Categorize Balanced Dataset For Troll Detection
138161 Smart Glasses Technology
139162 Computational Intelligence In Wireless Sensor Network
140163 Enhancing The Capabiltity Of Chatbots
141164 An Alternative To Hard Drives In The Coming Future: Dna-Based Data Storage
142165 Data Mining Techniques In Smart Agriculture
143166 Digital Wellbeing
144167 Machine Learning Applications Used In Accounting And Audits
145168 Password System That Are Mind Control
146169 Firewall Security
147170 Design Of Multi Storey Sleeve Car Parking With Stadd Pro
148172 Wastewater Treatment By Vermi-Filtration Technology
149173 Smart Dustbins For Smart Cities
150174 Haptic Technology- Interaction With Virtuality
151175 Virtual Reality In Online-Shopping
152176 A Study Of Data Storage Security Issues In Cloud Computing
153177 The Future Of Quantum Computer
154178 Ethnography In Ux Design
155181 Blockchain Sharding
156183 Sign Language Recognition Using Image-Based Hand Gesture Recognition Techniques
157184 Review Of Face Detection System Using Neural Network
158185 Internet Hacking And Prevention
159186 Generation Of Hydroelectricity By Sea Waves
160187 Automatic Power-Adjustable Charger
161188 Cyber Security: Issues, Challenges And Risks
162189 A Study Of Tokenization Of Real Estate Using Blockchain Technology
163190 Analysis Of Risk In Construction Industry
164191 Google File System
165192 Design And Fabrication Of Foodgrains Packaging System Using Screw Conveyor
166193 Design & Fabrication Of Portable Table Saw For Small Wood Working Project & Workshop
167194 Design And Fabrication Of Papr System For Powder Coating
168195 The Usability Metrics For User Experience
169196 Partial Replacement Of Steel Reinforcement By Bamboo (G+2)
170197 Designed For Combined Common Effluent Treatment Plant Of Tarapur Midc
171198 Design & Manufacturing Of Wheelchair Lifter
172199 Design And Fabrication Of Portable Drilling And Boring Machine
173200 Design And Analysis Of Motorcycle Disk Brake
174201 Landslide Early Warning System
175202 Analysis And Optimization Of An All Terrain Vehicle (Atv)
176203 Semi-Automatic Boiled Potato Peeling And Smashing Machine
177204 Social Media Platform And Our Right To Privacy
178205 Railway Track Patrolling Bicycle
179206 Leadership Only Can Lead The Organization Towards Improvement And Development
180208 Fabrication Of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (Uav) For Agricultural Purposes
181209 Design Of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (Uav) For Agricultural Purposes
182210 Development Of Saline Water Desalination System
183211 Light Fidelity(Lifi)- Wireless Optical Networking Technology
184214 Six Sigma As A Quality And Continuous Improvement Strategy
185217 A Survey On Internet Of Things (Iot) Security : Challenges And Current Status
186218 Understanding The Impact And Challenges Of Corona Crisis On Education Sector In India
187219 Recycling Of Grey Water Into Usable Water By Using Natural Materials
188220 Design Of Amphibious Homes
189222 Smart Village
190224 Structural Health Monitoring Of Bridges By Using Ultrasonic Sensor
191225 Waste Management Of Hospital Waste In Covid-19
192226 Simulation Of Drainage In Vit By Swmm Software
193227 An Overview Of Floating Solar Plants In Water Bodies
194229 Claims Management And Assessment Through Documentation
195230 Automated E-Waste Disposal Using Machine Learning
196233 Effective Risk Management In Construction Projects
197235 Design And Fabrication Of Catch And Kill Air Filter
198236 Estimation And Evaluation G+3 Residential Building
199237 3D Internet
200240 An Overview On The Rising Solar Energy
201241 Earthquake Resistance Technique By Ptmd (Pendulum Tuned Mass Damper)
202243 Recommender Systems